Just another Friday =)


“Your life is yours alone.  Rise up and live it.”  Richard Rahl, from Faith of the Fallen-Terry Goodkind

Fridays I’m always not quite sure what to do with myself.  I don’t have class but so far, I’ve gone to campus with Amanda anyways.  I figure walking to campus is good exercise and I probably wouldn’t be productive at the apartment by myself anyways, so I went to be unproductive in the USAC computer lab instead.  Amanda and Marielle both are in Population and Poverty, but neither were responding at one when their class was supposed to be over so I met up with Sandy and we went to the cafeteria to get food because both of us were extremely hungry.  I really enjoy eating on campus because the food is so cheap.  The Indian students think of it a lot like American students think of our campus food, but I still think it tastes delicious because its Indian =)

I swear there are four of us in the rickshaw

Amanda and Marielle joined about 10 min later and we all hung out talking until 2:00pm when Sandy had to go back to class.  Amanda and I headed back to NGV to drop off our school stuff and head to Commercial Street to meet Jessica, Lianne, and Keerthi at 4:00.  Keerthi found our group on Facebook before we arrived and Jessica and Lianne have met up with her a few times since.  They only have had nice things to say about her and rightly so because she is an absolute sweetheart!  From Commercial Street, the five of us took a rickshaw to her favorite ashram.  We went in and sat for a while and then went to buy insence from the little store inside.

Amanda and Lianne in front of the ashram

Keerthi and I at the Taj

The fancy bathroom!

After the Ashram, Keerthi took us to The Taj West End hotel for cheesecake! The hotel is way out of our price range but they have Rs 60 pieces of the best cheesecake I’ve ever had.  And the bathroom is really pretty!

When we got back to the apartment, we changed into Western clothes and Lianne, Jessica, Marielle, Amanda, and I took a rickshaw to a dance club called Ice.  Bangalore is a bit of an interesting city because they have laws that say bars and restaurants have to close by 11:30 and there can’t be dancing at places that serve alcohol unless it is a 5-star hotel.  Ice is, so we got to dance =)  It was also ladies night, so we got in free and had two free drink vouchers.  Because there were quite a few girls in our group and only three guys and one person had a connection, we all got in for free which meant the guys didn’t have to pay the Rs. 1000 cover charge.  Lianne had been there before and had made friends with the bartender, so we didn’t have to use our drink vouchers and could give them to the guys.  It’s all about who you know, I guess.  Ice is pretty cool because there are tables outside and it rained so a couple of us danced in the rain =) Overall, it was a fantastic night and a great start to Amanda’s 21st birthday weekend!

Dancing in the rain!



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